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Hass named to lead Senate Finance and Revenue Committee, spearhead tax reform


News Advisory

December 12, 2014

Dominique Rossi

SALEM –Senator Mark Hass (D-Beaverton) has been appointed Chair of the Senate and Finance Committee for the upcoming 2015 Legislative Session. Charged with taxation policy for the state, the Committee works with the Legislative Revenue Office on adjusting the tax code, economic development and coordinating taxation to principles of fairness and equity.

Hass has been in the legislature since 2001 and has always served on the Revenue Committee during his time in the House (2001-2007) and in the Senate (2007-present).

Over the years he has seen the need to reform the Oregon tax code, the most volatile in the country.

“It’s past time to end Oregon’s boom and bust cycle of tax policy,” Hass said.

“It’s my goal this session to hear from as many people as possible about how to reform our tax code and ultimately ask Oregonians if the time has come to fix our broken system.” Hass continued.

Hass cited the 2008-20011 layoffs of 400 Beaverton School district teachers as an example of what happens when the tax code busts.

“Our system brings in too much in good times and not enough in bad times,” he said. “And it’s in those bad times Oregon has a train wreck.”

Since 2009, Hass chair the Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee, overseeing major structural changes in the state’s higher education system. He will continue to pursue legislation in 2015 that establishes free community college tuition for Oregon high school graduates.

“Nobody outworks Mark Hass. Nobody is better prepared. Nobody out-thinks him,” said Senate President Peter Courtney.

Posted on December 12, 2014.

Meet Mark Hass

Mark Hass is an Oregon State Senator from Washington County and Southwest Portland. His priority in the legislature has been the elusive goal of reforming Oregon's tax structure so that it is less volatile and more stable. He is best known as a leader in education policy, authoring Oregon's full day kindergarten bills and the landmark Oregon Promise law (2015), which provides students with up to two years of free community college tuition. Read more.

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