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Tax Reform

Oregon has the most volatile tax code in the country. No other state is as dependent on one single tax than Oregon. Because we are so reliant on the income tax, we bring in “too much” in good times and not enough in bad times. It’s in these bad times Oregon has a train wreck.

This is the most vexing public policy problem in Oregon. It will take leadership to restructure and stabilize our tax policy in a way that boosts our economy, provides adequate funding to education and is fair to taxpayers. As Chair of the Senate Finance and Revenue Committee, I am committed to tackling tax reform.

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Meet Mark Hass

Mark Hass is an Oregon State Senator from Washington County and Southwest Portland. His priority in the legislature has been the elusive goal of reforming Oregon's tax structure so that it is less volatile and more stable. He is best known as a leader in education policy, authoring Oregon's full day kindergarten bills and the landmark Oregon Promise law (2015), which provides students with up to two years of free community college tuition. Read more.

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